To My Wife (on the day of her retirement)

The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her… Proverbs 31:11a

Us Vacation Va Beach - Version 2Amy,

Today is the day. Today is the day we finally get what we have wanted for four years. You get to go home!

When I met you all those years ago, I got to know you as a well-educated, able, devoted teacher. It was something that I was proud of and bragged about often. I still think you are a wonderful teacher! I think that being a wonderful teacher again is part of your future. But, today we close that chapter of your life to open a new one.

The teaching chapter had its shares of joy and tears. I am proud of you for the earner you have been while our family needed you to be. I won’t ever forget the two-income days and all the sacrifices you made to keep our little brood afloat. I won’t forget all the things that others never saw – the early mornings as you patiently dressed a tired, crying one-year-old or the little faces waving “goodbye” and blowing kisses every morning from behind a stranger’s window. I won’t forget the tears, mine and yours, shed as we drove away from the houses of all the babysitter’s that have helped us so greatly through these years. I won’t forget the long days at work and the short evenings at home – spending only a couple of hours with our most prized possessions until it was time for baths and “Alton” and bed.

IMG_0064Those days end today! I am confident that you will face this new chapter with all the expertise I have seen in previous chapters of your life. No more lesson plans. No more teacher meetings. No more parent drama. No more! From now, on, your attention can turn to skinned knees and hurt feelings. A clean house and dinner are your major projects for the day. Today, we close the chapter on “Mrs. Sabbage” and open a new one called simply, “Mom.”

Tomorrow, we will shed tears once again as we welcome Asher into our family. We have been blessed with a beautiful brood. If Asher is our last child, I am grateful that God answered our prayers all those years ago. I couldn’t have imagined back then how great our life would be!

Perhaps, what makes me happiest of all, is that for the first time, you are just going to be my wife, and friend and helper instead of my co-worker – part of the “Savage Package.” You are going to be a great stay-at-home mom. I have said that for years, but tomorrow is your first day in your new, awesome job. Congratulations! You’ve earned it!

Happy Retirement!

Lovingly your husband,

P.S. What’s for supper???


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