IMG_2890A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a yard sale full to the max with mostly junk. But after sifting through some clutter on one of the tables, I ran across a roasting pan I recognized. It was a WagnerWare® Maganlite® Turkey Roaster! These go anywhere from $100 to $149 on eBay and I saw that it had a $10 tag on it. I finally settled on $7 and I took it home. I have now made three beef chuck roasts in the pot, and I am in love with it. It provides heat retention and distribution similar to my (much more expensive) Le Creuset, but I am comfortable using a metal whisk in it. Magnalite® cookware was made from aluminum and a special magnesium alloy which is an excellent heat conductor and reacts well to change in temperature, it is “cast as thick as two silver dollars” and “cooks food from all sides-it’s like having an oven on top of your range” Heat radiates from every part of Magnalite not from the bottom only, so you need a towel to handle it. It can be taken from a 500° oven to a 0° freezer.

I have supplied the information below from Wagner’s® website. If you have a chance to pick up some Magnalite®, especially the old (circa 1934) Magnalite Classic®, do it! You won’t be sorry!


  • IMG_28931934 – The Wagner Manufacturing Company of Sidney, Ohio developed and introduced the first blended aluminum and magnesium cast cookware line as WagnerWare® Magnalite®. (Magnalite® Classic)
  • 1979 – The Wagner® Manufacturing Division of General Housewares Corp, developed and introduced the first hard anodized cast cookware line as GHC Magnalite Professional®. (Magnalite Professional®)
  • Today – Magnalite® by Wagner® was hand poured and cast in Sidney, Ohio. It is considered to be some of the finest American made cookware ever produced. Original WagnerWare and GHC Magnalite cookware are in high demand by collectors and daily users, alike.


  • Pots and pans in the Magnalite® line are used just like any other cookware, but the manufacturers claim they do the job better. The cookware can be used on any type of stovetop: gas, electric or flat top. Skillets, deep fryers and saucepans can move from the stovetop into an oven no more than 350 degrees. And the roasters can be used in ovens as high as 500 degrees.


  • Magnalite® cookware is available as a frypan, Dutch oven, two sizes of saucepans, two sizes of oval roasters, two sizes of stockpots and a casserole. Retail prices range from $65 to $140 for each individual piece. However, a better deal can be found by purchasing sets of the cookware.


  • Magnalite® cookware is shaped into varying thicknesses where it makes the most sense on each piece. The pan bottoms are always thicker to absorb and retain heat. The sides of the pans are thinner to more quickly distribute heat. The part of the pans where the handles connect is reinforced for strength. The cookware also comes with thick, heavy lids that retain moisture.

    Do you own any Magnalite®? If so, how did you get yours? Do you like it?


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