Our Next Step

I want to go off topic today to let you in on some news in our lives. Over the last few days and weeks, I have shared the following announcement with the members of Tabernacle, as well as with our close friends from around the country. I am posting it here for my readers’ information.

I want to thank you for praying for us. It has now been four and a half years since Tabernacle called us to lead the music department in Virginia Beach; we have seen successes as well as challenges, and we believe that God is still at work, and will continue to build His church.

However, I believe that He has different plans for my family now. I will be stepping down from the work at Tabernacle at the end of December, and relocating. I have accepted the pastorate at Victory Baptist Church in Eden, NC.

For a while I will be commuting so that I can be in Eden on Sundays and be here during the week. Amy will continue to teach through the month of January until she delivers our fourth child, Asher. (around Feb. 8)

I’m excited about the work God has ahead for my family as we assume leadership at VBC. I’m excited about their involvement in missions. I’m excited about their faithful, complementary leadership. I’m excited about their committed, sacrificial members. I’m excited about their stability (the last time they had a pastoral transition I was 13 years old!) and commitment to the Scriptures. I am thankful to take my place in a long line of pastors sent out by Tabernacle. I’m confident that the result of this move will be a net gain as the Lord works in both churches for His greater glory.

Please pray for us and for the church in Eden during the transition. And pray especially for Pastor Baker and the church in Virginia Beach, that God will guide in selecting individuals and/or couples to fill our former roles in the work.

During this time of transition, your prayers for my family, the work in Eden, and all others involved is greatly appreciated.


3 thoughts on “Our Next Step

  1. I am excited for you and Amy as you begin your ministry in Eden, North Carolina. As your aunt, I am so proud of the fine Christian man, husband, and father that you have become…I pray that God will continue to bless your sweet family! Much love, Aunt Mary 🙂

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