Prep Day


With school back in session, our lives speed up significantly. Many things start to fall by the wayside, and one of them is time to prepare wholesome dinners every night for my family. I guess we could eat out every night, but that is neither healthy nor frugal. I guess I could heat up processed food like chicken nuggets, but again, there is little value nutritionally and living a busy lifestyle demands good fuel. I guess I could hire a live-in personal chef…LOL.

So this is my conundrum: How do I cook wholesome meals for my family when there just isn’t time?

This is where “Prep Day” comes in. On Saturday, at around 1pm, my children all go down for a nap. At that time I head to the kitchen where I cut, dice, chop, mix, season, and sometimes (depending on the dish) cook all the meals for the coming week. It is usually only about an hour to two hours because I already have everything out at once. If done on separate nights for separate meals, it would easily be five hours.

Now, in the evening, when we pick up the kids, I am able to go home, and warm a casserole, or stew, etc. in the oven while Bubba and I watch our favorite show recorded that morning. (Good Eats with Alton Brown) When the timer dings, we sit down as a family to a hot, wholesome meal minus all the stress and mess of a dirty prep kitchen.

If you live a busy life like I do, try blocking a “Prep Day” of your own. You will be glad you did!


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