Le Creuset Potato Soup

I pride myself on being able to find things that I want at a fraction of their retail price. Over the weekend, I purchased a couple of new (used) Le Creuset French Ovens (over $700 value) for $100 total. I got a 7.25 qt and a 5.5 qt. I was eager to use one, so I found a great recipe on Food Network and got busy. The pots cooked as advertised – great heat retention and dispersion, and super easy clean-up. If you are thinking about getting a Le Creuset, go for it! Check out craigslist.com in your area to find a great deal like I did.

Here is the recipe I used from Food Network

And here are some pictures of the process.


8 thoughts on “Le Creuset Potato Soup

  1. I actually bought my dutch oven (not LeCrueset) at Sam’s Club for $40 bucks – I bought two – one to cook in and one to bake bread in – they are amazing!

    But I still want a LeCrueset – craigslist is a good idea! (although I do have a LeCrueset cast iron wok that is amazeballs!)

  2. Josh, does the immersion blender do okay in the cast iron or do you have to be careful about metal striking metal? I use mine all the time in a glass bowl, but just hadn’t thought about the possibilities of mixing things directly in pots.

    • Well, the Le Creuset is porcelain enameled. I did my best not to strike it too hard. As long as you’re careful, it is probably fine. Someone else on here may know better than me.

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