Weight Watchers – Week 6

Today was weigh-in day. I have yo-yoed the last few weeks and I am not really sure why. The adjustments that I made this week were:

1. I added activity.

2. I decided not to eat any extra points that I didn’t earn through activity. (finish the week with 49 weekly points)

3. I tried to be completely finished with food by 6 PM.

On a side note, I found out this week that Fish Oil is not a WW healthy oil. Who knew? Today I weighed in and was down 2.8 pounds. I will do the same things this week and hope that the results will continue to come. How did you do this week? Let me know in the comments below.


One thought on “Weight Watchers – Week 6

  1. I only lost .8, but that makes for a total of 9.8 pounds for the past four weeks. I was hoping for ten pounds in the first month, and I’ve still got a few days left. I’m hoping that I’ll make it!

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