Weight Watchers Epiphany

This was my 20th consecutive day on plan, so I am not cheating, but today, I gained valuable insights. My wife packed me a nine point lunch consisting of grilled chicken, green bean casserole, and wild rice. I ate it at about 11;45, my normal lunch time. At 12:15, I got a call and request to meet at McDonald’s. I did, and when I got there, I ate a 1/4 pounder with a large fry… I ate it all.

Now, before you go insane, don’t: I am still OP for today. I have 12 points remaining as well as all my weekly points, which start over tomorrow. As for the “valuable insights” you ask? They are two: I got a snapshot of how I used to eat. I was a glutton and I feel this afternoon like I did for 10 years of afternoons. Eating like I did today on a regular basis; no wonder I was always tired and felt bloated.

The second insight I grasped was this: if I give myself the opportunity and occaision to overeat, I will. I wasn’t hungry, I just wanted the food. It is a shameful experience to be dominated by cheap processed food, or any food for that matter. This epiphany doesn’t necessarily mean that I have forever learned my lesson; I will indulge again. But what it did was give me a physical feeling of lethargy and bloatedness to remember the next time I drive by McDonald’s and have a craving!

Have you ever learned a lesson the hard way like this? Would love to hear your story!


4 thoughts on “Weight Watchers Epiphany

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I’m on week one being back on WW, and I think in the same situation I would have done exactly the same thing (and I can only hope I could feel the same epiphany, if not throw points to the wind for the day and spiral into a fat and sugar bender). Good for you!

  2. When I’m dieting I find that I don’t like feeling full as if I’ve eaten just to my limit. If I do eat to much I’m really uncomfortable physically…it doesn’t always stop me though.

  3. While talking with a coworker today, I shared my Weight Watchers 30-point day yesterday:
    Breakfast was three fried eggs, 7 points, with 1/4 cup of the world’s best guacamole (thanks, Josh!), 2 points
    Lunch was a peanut butter and banana sandwich, on oatmeal bread, 9 points
    Snack was fresh pineapple, 0 points
    Dinner was a chicken breast (actually I cut up the mammoth breasts that are grown on factory farms into two pieces because I can see that they are far too big to be a WW 3-point breast), along with a large baked potato with a teaspoon of olive oil and a shredded slice of cheddar cheese, 12 points for the total meal
    As you can see, I had a lot of food yesterday. I was full and well-nourished, and this was while working a week of 12-hour days.
    My coworker’s comment was, “Wow, that just shows me how we Americans have moved into gluttony since about the end of World War II, when people started to be prosperous and to be able to eat out a lot. We don’t even know when we are full anymore, because we are so used to huge plates of food!”
    The P.S. to this is that I have used WW to lose 50 pounds since New Year’s Day. I thought going down to 30 points would be hard (I started at 36), but when you realize I could have had even more fruit, plus a salad with fat-free dressing, and still been within my daily points, it is hard to see why anyone wouldn’t try this plan if they want to lose weight. It works. I do know you have to be ready to go with it. I wasted three and a half years after my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment with lots of extra weight on me, but I had to wait till I myself, personally, was ready to do this!
    Keep at it, fellow WW friends! We can do this!

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