Weight Watchers – Week 3

Weighed in today – I gained 1.8lbs. I am not too concerned as I stayed on point all week and tracked everything that went into my mouth; even water. According to the WW community, an occasional  small gain is common and is usually followed by a significant loss – I hope so! Just as an experiment, I am lowering my daily points by 3. This is the most that WW online will allow me to adjust my daily goal. How did you do this week?


7 thoughts on “Weight Watchers – Week 3

  1. You’re right… a small gain is normal every once in a while and is almost definitely followed by a significant loss. I plateaued for a few weeks a while back (only loosing like .2 or .4 every time I’d go in), then I had a 3.7lb loss when I was POSITIVE I had gained… and then this past week I had a 2.6lb loss. So yes, I was quite happy for my week! Started the full fledged “Insanity” workout system this week, so am curious to see if I will have a gain next Tuesday due to muscle, or a loss due to cardio. Should prove interesting!!! 🙂 -sarah

  2. Yep, I’m a lifetime member and have seen lots of ups and down. I also believe that you don’t lose weight as quickly on PointsPlus as the Points program, but it’s easier to stay on because of the free fruits.

  3. I think “failure” graphic is the wrong way to view this. If you weigh yourself more frequently than WW recommends (e.g. daily or 2x/day) for a bit you can get a sense that actually some ups and downs are normal. I’ve been up a bit after a few days of clean eating and then lost a few days later. Just something to be aware of before you beat yourself up too much if you know you are following the program.

  4. This JUST happened to me. I gained 2 pounds, lost it and then this week lost another 3 pounds. It’s normal, I think. Just keep at it and you will see results over time. It’s nothing to get overly emotional about. And in my WW meetings they say to use the flex points or else you will feel deprived. I am not sure lowering your points is the way to go. Just keep at what you are doing. Starving yourself isn’t the answer.

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  6. I am losing one pound a week. So frustrating. I know loss is good but at this rate I will be old to remember why I am losing weight when I get to goal. Hang in there!!

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