Ducane Affinity 4100

Caviar dreams on a Ramen noodle budget? For grill fanatics, that translates to Weber dreams on a Char-Broil budget. But what if – in a perfect world – those wonderful people at Weber-Stephen Co. would offer Weber quality at Char-Broil prices? Sound too good to be true? Allow me to point you to the Ducane Affinity series grills.

Like any true grill master, I went into the grill buying process after forbearing several years with a subpar $60 grill that had outlived its lifespan and far exceeded expectations. It was time for a big boy grill. Not one of those stainless steel show pieces, but a true chef’s grill. Naturally, I gravitated to the Weber Genesis – then I saw the price.  Living on a budget can really be a drag sometime.

Then I found the Ducane Affinity series. These grills are made by Weber and come with similar, albeit shorter, warranties and support. I settled on the Affinity 4100 because it fit our budget. My hope was that it would live up to what I envisioned a Weber product would be.

This grill boasts 3 burners, electric ignition, stainless steel grates and burners, and guts nearly identical to a Genesis. It most closely resembles the Genesis E-310 with 3 burners and no extra side burner. The box is not cast aluminum like the Weber Genesis, but is double layer steel about 1/4” thick. I fired it up expecting the world, and it delivered. The grill quickly reached 500 degrees – 6 minutes flat. Every new grill needs to cut its teeth on steak – and this one cooked three 6oz New York strips to medium-rare perfection.

This grill delivers high performance at the budget friendly price of only $400 – about half of the Genesis. It’s longevity remains to be seen, but its cooking is parallel to the top grills on the market. Caviar dreams? Caviar reality.



*   Four 12,000 BTU stainless steel tubular burners
*   526 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 693 square inches
*   48,000 BTU output from the main burners
*   Electric (AA-battery) ignition
*   Stainless steel cooking grates
*   Hood mounted thermometer
*   Porcelain coated and painted steel construction
*   Made by the Weber-Stephen Products Co.


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