An Open Valentine to my Beloved

Memorial Day - 2004


Today is the eighth Valentine’s Day that we will celebrate together. There are some things that I want to say; things I hope you already know, but I want to remind you anyway. When we first met, I was so excited to have a girlfriend so pretty. I was so happy to have you on my arm at public events. I couldn’t believe then, as I cannot now, that someone like you would want someone like me. I had a hard time believing that a girl that pretty, would be with me. But I had drastically under-estimated you.

When considering my life’s mate, I never wanted a wall-flower, a withering blade of grass, a whipped puppy… I wanted someone who brought something to the table, someone who complemented the weak areas of my life. It is a false sense of strength to dominate another, and I have never wanted that relationship. Instead, what I got was a leader, a woman of accomplishment…a graduate of a prestigious university…the student-teacher of the year. A confident woman, capable of surviving on her own, but not content to do so.

These are the things that everyone sees. What continues to impress me, is that young confident woman, still just as beautiful as she endures the continual barrage of spit up on her clothes, is content to have less than she could to the benefit of her husband and children…how she inexplicably wants two more children… With accomplishment, sometimes comes arrogance or stubbornness, but not with you… You are the picture of a submissive wife. You are happy to make me look good, when often, the credit should go to you. You keep a clean house and well-kept children after putting in forty+ hours at a full time job. Even though I know you’d rather be at home with our children, you’ve never complained. You’ve been a trooper though all of the adversity of ministry. You’ve held your tongue, even when you were right, so as not to hurt the cause of Christ’s kingdom. You’ve helped me go farther in life than I would have ever gone without you. These are things I couldn’t have possibly predicted when I saw you for the first time just as a pretty girl.

Some have said, that inward beauty shows more as outward beauty fades. I find this to be untrue. You only get more beautiful with age! I owe every ounce of happiness in my life to you. You are my best friend, the only one I will ever need. Our relationship makes all others seem insignificant. I look forward to,  raising our little brood to be good Christians, good citizens, good leaders…like their mom.

Happy Valentine’s Day,


Valentine's Day - 2012


2 thoughts on “An Open Valentine to my Beloved

  1. Josh and Amy, You guys are just special. So glad God brought you to Tabernacle. I enjoy serving with you there. Happy Valentine’s Day. I am going to share this on my page because, though not all spouses can write like this, all spouses can express love and appreciation, every day of the year, even!

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