How to Grill Fish

Grilling fish without turning it into confetti can seem very hard, especially with a flaky fish such as tilapia. But if you follow these easy steps, it is no problem at all.

1. Coat the fish in a healthy oil. Olive oil is my favorite!

2. Let the fish come pretty close to room temperature before grilling – usually about 30 minutes out in the counter.

3. Start with a clean grate! Get last week’s burger remnants off the grate before you start.

4. Let your grill grate get extremely hot! I leave the grill on high for 10 – 15 minutes.

5. Don’t try to move the fish too early. This is common amongst novice grillers. It is true of any meat: when it is ready to flip, it WILL release on its own.

Try these easy tips and your fish will come off clean every time!


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