Grandma Carlson’s Famous Peanut Butter Balls

This is a recipe that I inherited when I married. It is definitely one of the best peanut butter ball recipes I’ve ever tasted. These require a little forethought, since it’s a process to make them, but they are super easy and delicious!

You need:

One cup softened butter
One cup creamy peanut butter
One and a half cups graham cracker crumbs
One 16 oz. box powdered sugar (3 and 3/4 cups)

Put the softened butter in the bottom of a large mixing bowl. Pour graham cracker crumbs on top. Add the peanut butter and sugar. Mix well with hands until it forms a soft dough. The inside of the bowl should be “clean” because all of the ingredients should adhere to one another. Form into balls and place on a cooky sheet. (You should get about 50.) Place in fridge overnight. The next day, melt chocolate coating according to package directions, and dip peanut butter balls. Place on wax paper to dry.


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