Weight-Loss Apps

I wanted to take a moment to recommend a couple of apps that I am using this new year to help me lose weight.

The first one is called weightbot, $1.99 – (iTunes link)

I really love the clean look and easy to use interface. The app gathers some information about you, then suggests a realistic goal. It tracks weight daily and shows you your trajectory. Great App!!!!

The other app is called Calorie Counter, free – (iTunes link)

This app keeps track of what you eat and gives you your levels for the day. Calories are important, but so is fat, fiber and protein. This app does it all. I am eating a low calorie, high fiber, protein diet, and this app allows me to constantly track what is going into my body.

Both apps are great if you are serious about losing weight.

I would love to hear what apps you are using to accomplish your goals.


2 thoughts on “Weight-Loss Apps

  1. I am using MyFitnessPal. It is another free app with a huge database of foods. So far, I’ve lost 7 pounds tracking my calories/exercise since January 1.

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