Four Hour Body Remix

I have three resolutions for 2012.

1. No soda.

2. Nothing you can get from a drive-thru window.

3. Follow Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Body religiously!

I have done well on all three so far. (Okay, stop laughing. I know it’s only been two weeks) I am not seeing the results that I’d like to see however, so I have formulated a plan. I have decided to do Four Hour Body with a pesco-vegetarianistic style. Pesco-vegetarians eat fish, dairy products, and eggs along with plant foods. It is believed this is the healthiest diet for most people.

So here is my plan:

Saturday: Binge Day

Sunday: Purge Day (Only vegetables and water)

Monday – Friday: Pesco-Vegetarianism

Today, my meals will be:

Breakfast: 3 eggs (only two yolks)

Lunch: Garden salad consisting entirely of vegetables and Balsamic vinaigrette.

Dinner: Grilled Striped Bass with Brussell Sprouts

I am only drinking water and coffee. Would love to hear your thoughts. Especially from my fitness / dietician friends. What do you think? I will be posting the results of my trial this week.


3 thoughts on “Four Hour Body Remix

  1. You definitely need protein in your diet. If you follow a strict vegetarian diet you would need to make sure you ate a combination of beans and brown rice daily to get all of your essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are those the body cannot produce.

    I am concerned that you are eating so many eggs due to the cholesterol content. Have thought about using an egg substitute? Also, be careful with the types and amount of cheese because of the fat content.

    Hope this helps and happy eating!! I am having to restructure my diet as well and it is easier said than done!

    • Thanks for the comment. What if I went to one yolk? Would that make the difference? I’m not eating carbs. That’s the creative part. I am eating a no-carb diet in vegetarian way.

  2. Hmm, now I’m curious about this Four Hour Body thing…gonna have to go check that out. Something that has helped me is to calorie shift… Calorie shifting basically tricks your metabolism and is easy on the body as far as “diet” is concerned. I use this calculator and it will give you the caloric needs for maintenance or weight loss…then you click the drop down menu for the 7 day “zig zag” for daily calorie intake to keep metabolism from slowing down. Dropping more than 300 calories for 3 days signals your metabolism to slow down. Cycling the calories every 2 days doesn’t give your body enough time to “panic” and so your metabolism continues to burn away at the high caloric rate, thereby burning more on the low caloric days. 🙂

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