Four Hour Body (week 5)

As I progress through this journey, I am noticing a trend. Saturday is my binge day, but Friday is my biggest day of weakness; the day that I want to cheat the most. Not sure why, but maybe it is that feeling in every child that makes him feel that he is entitled to open one gift on Christmas eve. Tonight, we are going to the mall to run an errand. Along with perfumes and candle stores, the most intoxicating aroma for me will be the food court. Pizza, Ice Cream, and Chinese food will reach out and try to lasso me as I walk by. How will I respond? I guess we will see. Tomorrow I have breakfast at Golden Corral and dinner at Longhorn (with a gift card from friends) I would like to enjoy binge day free of the guilt that comes with cheating early? I need a strategy to do that. Would love to hear what you would do… Comment below!


One thought on “Four Hour Body (week 5)

  1. Friday is my day off. I’ve experience the same exact phenomenon with myself. I do fine all day Thursday, but come Thursday night , it’s all I can do not to raid the pantry. I don’t know if it’s just so close, or if by that time, I’ve been staving off little temptations throughout the week and it all culminates, or what. I saw a statement a few years ago. It said, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.” I do say that to myself when i’m ultra tempted, and it helps a little. Tuesday night was a staff dinner. It was at Picasso’s, and I did fine. I brought a small chili from Wendy’s with me, and I ate it and drank a diet coke. But last night, I served James and the kids sloppy joes and mac and cheese. It was almost more than I could bear to not sit down and eat my fill of it. How am I able to turn down Picasso’s pizza on Tuesday, but want to eat the enter pan of mac and cheese two nights later? Sorry, I know this post isn’t very helpful to you, but maybe knowing someone else is having the same struggle makes it a little easier. Misery loves company, you know! =0) Oh, something that has helped me is to get in the kitchen and make some sinfully delicious dessert for the following day. It keeps my hands and mind busy, and gives me something to look forward to the next day.

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