Mama’s Sour Kraut

Okay, okay.  I know a lot of people will see this and think, “Sour kraut?!?  Eww!!  Ick!”  But my mother married a man who HATED sour kraut.  I married a man who HATED sour kraut.  And both guys utterly adore the stuff now.  So be adventurous, and give it a try.  If you love it, you’ve got another easy meal to add to your recipe box.  If you still hate it, it’s not that expensive to make, so there is no real loss.

You need:

3 tablesoons of bacon grease
2 (15 oz) cans sour kraut
one third cup sugar
meat of your choice  (for example: bacon, sausage, hotdogs, etc.)

Empty the cans of sour kraut into a large colander.  Using hot water, rinse the kraut thoroughly.  Squeeze any excess water from the kraut, and set aside.  Heat the bacon grease over a medium high temperature.  Put the kraut into the skillet.  Pour the sugar on top.  Mix together roughly, using a spatula.  Add the meat.  (as little or as much as you like.)  If you are serving over hotdogs or burgers, omit this step.  Cook over medium high heat until slightly crusty and golden brown.  Serve warm.  To make this meal special, sometimes I’ll use sausage or bacon for the meat, but I usually just use hotdogs because they are so inexpensive.  I usually serve mine over mashed potatoes.  Yummy!


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