How Sweet It Is!

A lot of people love to drink sweet tea, but sometimes it’s just too much trouble to make.  If it doesn’t steep long enough, it tastes weak and watery, but if it steeps too long, it doesn’t taste right either.  And, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to leave hot liquids to sit on my stove–it just seems like an opportunity for my three year old to scald himself.  So, here’s the easy way to make sweet tea:

You need:
coffee machine
4 regular size tea bags
1 to 2 and one half cups of sugar
one gallon pitcher

Fill the coffee pot to its fullest fill line (10 to 12cups) with cold water.  Put the tea bags into the filter basket of the coffee machine.  Allow the tea to brew like you would coffee.  Pour the sugar into the pitcher.  When the tea is through brewing, pour all of it onto the sugar in the pitcher, stirring well.  Fill the rest of the pitcher with cold water and allow to cool.  If you’re in a hurry, fill the pitcher the rest of the way with ice, stirring until most of it is melted.  It’ll be ready to drink right away.  Enjoy!


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